Fake Certificates are $16.95 and Measure 8.5 x 11 Inches

You’ll Receive Two (2) Identical Certificates

May be used as a gag stag party gift or to roast a friend on their birthday, etc.


Fake Diplomas

Certificates are pressure embossed with a 
notary-type stamp in the upper left

These are not legal documents and will not be 
accepted by any government agency as such.
In fact, you’ll probably end up in “Terrorist
Jail” if you try to pass one.

We’re sorry we even have to add this caveat: NO! We will NOT fill your order for a diploma from the “School of Engineering” in Dubai or Iraq! Our certificates are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. If it’s not obvious that you intend to use this product for humorous purposes, your order will be cancelled.

George W. Bush Graduates from Ninja School

NOTICE: Please do not inquire about one-of-a-kind certificates. We make no certificates that do not have a mass market

Small print reads: 
Has Successfully Completed the Course of Study Prescribed by this Institution and is Therefore Entitled to this Diploma AS Testimony Whereof We Have Hereunder Affixed Our Signature(s) This ________ Day of ____________, _____, at ___________________________

Ninja School, School of Ass-Kissing, Pervert School, Makeout School, Astronaut School, Spelling School, Niceness School, School of Tact, Stoopid School, Sex School, Computer Skool, Liar’s School, Drinker’s School, Crazy Driver’s Education, How to Skip School School…

You can think of millions more. Frame one and display it next to the professional 
diplomas in your office to see how long it takes before someone notices.

People often ask us, “How real do these certificates look, anyhow?” There’s no way to answer that since everyone’s idea of “authentic” is different. In some cases we didn’t try to make them look authentic.

People also often ask if fake diploma certificates are “legal”.
Legal to own for fun? Yes. (but check your local laws to be sure)
Legal to use for fraudulent purposes? No.
Our fake certificates are offered for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and are so stamped. We can’t control what you do with them when you receive them, and we’re not liable for your actions. If we sell you a pretty polished rock, and you go out and throw it through someone’s window, we’re not liable for that, either.


The embossed seal says, “Certified [SEAL] Document”.

You’ll receive three certificates, all of which are printed on “High Security Paper”, which is a peculiar stock into which many anti-copy schemes are incorporated.

For instance:

(1) When held under a black light a series of tiny red threads become visible.
(2) A large “VOID” appears in the background in four positions when the document has been photocopied.
(3) Micro text is printed across the entire document which disappears when rubbed.
(4) “OFFICIAL DOCUMENT” icon disappears when rubbed.
(5) Double Ghost Watermark is printed on backs.
(6) Blue Security Background.
(7) Security Information border.

If all security features are intact, the document has not been copied.

We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc..
“Fake Diploma Certificate” generally ships within 1-2 days. 
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More Certificates

NOTE: When filling in your personalization form
you may NOT use the name of any existing school!

Certificate Number FC-24

The image below depicts all customizable fields. They’re shown in Arial red in this example, but print in Old English dark blue (like the word “DIPLOMA”).The image above depicts all customizable fields. They’re shown in Arial red in this example, but print in Old English dark blue (like the word “DIPLOMA”).