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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!

Fake Pet Birth Certificate


We recognize that a “pet” can be as important—even more important in someone’s life than family, or “friends”… We don’t know why everyone doesn’t understand this.

Pet Birth Certificates

Your children all have Birth Certificates—
And they don’t even call you!
Giving a Pet as a Gift? Then You Need One of These!

Item Number — FC-36

If you bought your pet from a pet store you probably got a receipt, or maybe a crappy, fake-looking “birth certificate” that was designed by some store employee as a novelty gag to placate us more serious pet owners. We’ve always found them tacky, bordering on insulting. You may not even know your pet’s birth date, but you can signify one day to symbolize it (just like we do with Christmas). Our pets are important to us; more so than we’re prepared to admit. A Birth Certificate is the best way to remind you when your pet’s birthday is coming up, and that you should do something special. Your pet won’t have a clue it’s its birthday (probably not, anyway), but it will know that you’re doing something special for it, and shouldn’t you do something special more often? A pet Birth Certificate helps you celebrate the life of a good pet, and helps you remember it as a special creature, when it’s gone. Please also see “Pet Memorial Certificates”

Certificates are personalized with:
Pet Name.
Type of pet (dog, cat, ferret, goldfish, horse, buffalo, parrot, etc.).
One or two names of “owners” (we prefer the term “guardians”). Month, day and year of birth. Birthplace. Two blanks for signatures.

“A Unique and welcome gift for any pet lover…”

Printed on actual security paper with UV fibers and a universal watermark that signifies animal health and care. The Gold seal in the upper left is pressure-embossed. Measures 8.5 x 11 inches.

We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc..
FC-36, “Pet Birth Certificate” generally ships within 1-2 days.
What our customers say about us.

Certificates and Other Kinds of Things $16.95 for 2 identical copies Item Number — FC-36

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