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FB-12 Bill Clinton — My Life — Finally in Paperback

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Clinton My Life Paperback You thought the softcover would never come out!! Finally. MY LIFE By Bill Clintonin Paperback Item Number — FB-12

But it’s here, in living color…Be careful what you wish for. We read a dozen pages of the “real” Bill Clinton book (“My Life”).

And we almost gagged. This guy still doesn’t get it! It occurs to us that Bill Clinton might have been the kind of guy we’d have liked as a friend. But he should never have been the Prez.

In re-thinking that, however, we take it back. If Bill Clinton had merely been the guy who runs the hardware store down the street, he’d be ruining marriages by boinking the help, his wife would have doctored the books and screwed the employees out of their benefits, and both of them would have lied until they were tripping over their noses. Bill and company would be just another neighborhood disgrace. Instead, Billy-Bob’s a National Disgrace.

We just wish the guy wasn’t so damned likable. So here’s to ya, William! This is the book you should have written.  My Life By Bill Clinton Cover Graphics May Vary Slightly. Paperback size. About 300 pages. This is a standard-size paperback book, professionally crafted.  My Life By Bill Clinton We wanted to help Bill out with this product. Consequently, a few of the pages say what Billy might have said, if he had a frigging spine.

But he doesn’t, so we said it for him. We also wanted to be sure the entire content of the book reflected the most basic and poignant issues of Bill’s life. We accomplished that. Random Page Views — About 300 pages total Views on BillViews on Bill 2Views on Bill 3Views On Bill 4Views On Bill 5Views On Bill 6Views On Bill 7Views On Bill 8Views On Bill 9Views On Bill 10Views On Bill 11Views on Bill 12 FB-12 My Life Review by Kerry Marsala Note: This product, like many on this website, will never sell in enough volume to warrant mass-production.

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