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Finally! A Reliable Portable Phone!

No Setup Fees!

No Credit Check!

Unlimited Minutes!

No Dropped Calls!

No Batteries to Fail!

Change Your Number at Will!

Automatic Call Screening!

Item Number — FF-00
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Stay in touch with friends and relatives RELIABLY!
You know how undependable cellular phones have become.
Carriers route too many calls through bandwidth bottlenecks.
Local taxes make up as much as 31% of your bill.
Corporate billings are often in error (to the company’s benefit, of course).
Cellular “stores” too often staffed by rude & incompetent salespersons.
Phone menus often complicated and difficult to navigate.

Leave it all behind and move up to 21st Century technology with the

F  O  N  E  !    …from TrixiePixGraphics


Product Graphics are Subject to Change

Earpiece / Mouthpiece Features Protective Red Rubber Rim for Comfort and Sanitation


Nickel Plated Sound Resonators for Long Life & Attractive Styling


Highest Quality
Signal Carrier String

No Assembly Required


Shown as shipped, above, in clear plastic tube to set on your desk!

Quantity: One Pair