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Missing Pets, Missing Persons Posters X 3

Original price $29.95 - Original price $29.95
Original price
$29.95 - $29.95
Current price $29.95

Missing" Series Posters are $29.95
and Measure 13.5 x 21 Inches Each

You Receive Three (3) Identical Personalized Posters

Posters are printed in strips of three.
The strip measures 42" wide by 21" tall.


This poster series was designed primarily for the roasting of friends---put a few up at their local watering hole, at the birthday bash, or on the bulletin board at work. Perhaps there's room on the corkboard at the local supermarket. You just never know what opportunities will present themselves.

Or it can have less humorous uses, like when Scruffy runs away (the ingrate).

Or it can be deadly serious, as in the case of an actual missing person.

In any case, you'll have to supply your own image.

Simply fill in the categories you want to use and submit it. You may use any data you wish---you can be serious, or silly (as in the above example). You should also attach a picture of your victim subject at the end of the ordering process.




Posters are printed on heavy poster paper, and are shipped in a roll tube, never folded. Larger sizes, up to 42 by 100 inches each, are available by special request.