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Pet Memorial Certificate

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We recognize that a “pet” can be as important—even more important in someone’s life
than family, or “friends”… We don’t know why everyone doesn’t understand this.

Pet Memorial Certificates

Call us callous if you must, but we tend to grieve more for our lost pets than we do for most lost humans. We think it’s because of the “innocence factor”. Pets are almost exclusively innocent of evil, while human beings are not. It’s often a Hell of a lot easier to offer unconditional love to a pet than a person. The crew here at TrixiePixGraphics comes mostly from rough-and-tumble lifestyles. Most of us have hunted professionally. Some of us have killed in the line of duty. Several of us have worked as commercial fishermen for decades at a time, killing thousands of times per day, year in and year out. We’ve all seen death. We’ve all had and lost pets. And we’ve scoffed at those who seemed to grieve for their pets a bit more than seemed appropriate. How wrong and stupid we were. As we’ve aged, we come to appreciate life more and more. There are stories of “Great White Hunters” who killed thousands of animals all over the world in their lives, yet suddenly, almost without explanation, hung up their rifles and spent the remainders of their years trying to do good instead of to destroy. Perhaps we’re a bit like that. Someone gave us a ferret many years ago. We saw it as something akin to a mouse—just a rodent kind of thing that might provide some entertainment for awhile. It didn’t take long, however, for that ferret to begin teaching us about life, and true strength, and compassion, and understanding, and love. We came to love that being as we’ve loved nothing else on this earth, and since his sad, excruciatingly painful passing, we’ve kept the shop full of the little terminators because, honestly, we simply can’t live without them. Our relationships with them have proven to be deeper and more profound than we ever dreamed possible, and we’re chagrined at the foolishness of our youth. We’ve seen friends forge and maintain deep relationships with aardvarks, wolves, coyotes, birds, dogs, cats, hedge-hogs, snakes, wild bear, deer, turkeys, turtles, and, yes, even salt water fish and several octopi. We’ll never again take life lightly, and we’ll always have minds that are open to relationships with any other being. When we lose something we’re close to, as we recently lost our ferret, Pikers, we grieve as we’ve never grieved for humans. In fact, we could barely bear it. We think of him every day, and will for the rest of our lives. We’ve purposely omitted a space in this certificate for “date”. We don’t want to be reminded of the date of our loss, and we didn’t imagine anyone else did either. We created the sky above the mountains because we want to think of our pets as being free. We created the mountain scene because our pets, after all, came from a natural world. We kept the certificate simple, because not a lot of words need to pass between people and their pets — the pets know what’s in your heart probably better than do you. We offered one line for a phrase; it should sum up the one emotion you want to always convey to your lost pet’s soul. And we set an image so you can always remember the happy times. We’ve come to see animals as having the same souls as people — except that they’re mostly untainted by society’s nonsense. They’re a more pure form of human beings, that’s how we see them, and couldn’t we all stand a bit more purity of soul and honesty of character in our lives.

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Item Number — FC-36b

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