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Teresa Heinz Kerry Big Mouth Awards

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For the Loud Mouth in your life…

Teresa Kerry Big Mouth Award
The Teresa Heinz Kerry BIG MOUTH AWARD

Item Number — FC-49

Here’s how we see it:

(1) John Kerry is where he is today as a direct result of the fortune of Teresa Heinz Kerry (aka “The Ketchup Princess”).

(2) John Kerry has many of the problems he has today due to Teresa Heinz Kerry’s BIG FAT MOUTH.

Got a friend, ex-friend, co-worker, neighbor or boss also afflicted with a BIG FAT MOUTH?

Send ’em a Teresa Heinz Kerry BIG MOUTH AWARD.

Who knows….maybe they’ll “get it”.

Certificates are personalized with:


Gold seal is pressure-embossed (not printed) and reads:
8.5 x 11 inches. Printed on heavy glossy stock

Sez 65-year-old first-lady wannabe with a giggle in an interview with CBS News(!) “I’m cheeky, I’m sexy, whatever. You know…..”

Celebrating the subtle yet important distinction between “Opinionated” and “Obnoxious”.

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FC-49, “Big Mouth Award” generally ships within 1-2 days.
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$16.95 for 2

Printed with archivable inks

Item Number — FC-49