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Universal Fake Certificates

Original price $16.95 - Original price $16.95
Original price
$16.95 - $16.95
Current price $16.95

Fake Certificates are $16.95 and Measure 8.5 x 11 Inches

You’ll Receive Two (2) Identical Personalized Certificates

Universal Fake Certificates

Certificate Graphics May Vary Slightly

The embossed seal says, “CERTIFIED WORLD RECORD“.
You’ll receive two certificates, printed on hi-gloss heavy photo stock

We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc.. “Universal Fake Certificate” generally ships within 1-2 days. What our customers say about us.

Certificate Number FC-23


Printed with archivable inks for zero fade

Remember, we will NOT fill orders for any certificate that is not humorous in nature:

“Certified Explosives Engineer”? Not a chance.
“Dental Technition”? No way.
“International Breast Inspector”? OK!
“Make-Out Judge”? Certainly.
“Sex Therapist”? Probably.
“Cosmetologist”? Nope.