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$16.95 - $16.95
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Fake Certificates are $16.95 and Measure 8.5 x 11 Inches
You’ll Receive Two (2) Identical Personalized Certificates

Item Number — FC-01

Embossed Seal

Embossed Certificate Providing Irrefutable
Evidence of the “Largest Penis in the World”
(a great [disgusting] birthday gag).

Obviously we had to place gray bars over all the risqué parts. The truth is WE can’t stand looking at them. We’ve made this certificate just as disgusting,
offensive and obnoxious as we possibly could. Black-out bars are removed for printing. Trust us—it’s gross.

Personalized, of course.

(Must be 53 or older to order).

We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc.. The item number is FC-01.
“World’s Largest Penis” generally ships within 1-2 days.
What our customers say about us.

NOTICE: By clicking the ORDER button below you agree and stipulate that such material is not illegal in the state, county or town of delivery, that you do not find such material offensive, and that you will refrain from allowing minors or anyone else who may find such material offensive to view this product. This product is for entertainment purposes only, to be used as a gag and/or a joke, and not for illegal purposes such as but not limited to harassment or defamation. You agree to hold TrixiePixGraphics harmless for any and all mischief you may cause with this product. If you do not agree to the above stipulations then you must not order this product. 

Item Number — FC-01