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Everyone wants a good laugh. Even the most severely grouchy person in the world would like to chortle and shriek once in a while. Laughing is therapeutic. There is always this exhilarating feeling that we get when we chuckle on something funny. When we plan for something impish, the level of excitement is heightened. Imagine laughing quietly while devising the plan, grinning during the execution and die laughing afterwards! That's not all, the amusement from the people around and the funny reaction of your lucky victim will just make the whole scenario more comical. Level it up in the most fun and effortless way with the use of a personalized tabloid size newspaper from Fake Newspapers!

If you're naturally b*itchy or mean, or you just want to get even with someone who's a certified pain in the neck, using a personalized tabloid size newspaper is the ultimate item to actually accomplish your goal. Have your victim's photo on the newspaper and post it where you see fit. If you caught your boyfriend red-handed snogging someone, and was able to take a snapshot of that disgusting moment, isn't it nice to see their photo on a personalized tabloid size newspaper? Enjoy witnessing them burn with shame! Make them realize what learning through a painful way truly means!

But using a personalized tabloid size newspaper isn't only limited to those "pranks of passion". Most people use it to make an announcement - for birthday parties, school and office events, and even for surprise engagements! So special! Others use it for arts and crafts, like scrapbooking and DIY projects.

There's so many occasions as to when (and why!) to use a personalized tabloid size newspaper. Grab one now HERE


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