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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Fake Newspaper


c has an incredible collection of fantastic Pre-Written Articles that will absolutely make your day and increase your possibility of bagging the Best Prankster Award! More so, you are guaranteed of a news article that is worthy to be viral and something that you and your prank victims have never heard of. So unique!

For instance, the Fake Joke Newspaper Article entitled "Local Man Suffers More Embarrassment than Injurywill unquestionably break the ice, and will bring you and everyone involved into a massive laughing session at home, at work - everywhere!

Fake Newspaper

What an amazing news that is perfect to spread at your boring workplace! It is also a very funny gift if you want to make the celebrant laugh on his special day. If you hate someone because of their rude and mean ways towards you, then you might wanna surprise them anonymously with this article. Put them into an embarrassing situation by letting their crush or the whole team in the office browse through the said article, having their name as the subject. Pity! :'D If you simply want to amuse yourself, then order it and brace yourself for a one helluva time reading through it while giggling here and there.

You can edit the names and also add some changes on the article itself, to perfectly complement the scenario that you are planning and to better suit the subject, characters or your prank victim. Personalizing it is pretty straightforward. It is professionally written, printed on real newspaper and arranged nicely just like a real newspaper.

From the silliest, most shocking, mind-boggling and disgusting articles to the most inspiring, it's certain that there is a captivating article for your fake newspaper prank in mind, or for any occasion or purpose that it may serve.


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