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Fake Dictionary


Fake Dictionary

Yep, "devilish" is the word for this item from that has become the highlight  in making regular gatherings and occasions tremendously exciting - and a culprit on several wicked pranks pulled off towards family and friends! :)

Using the Fake Dictionaries from FakeNewspapers is imaginative, because it allows you to add your own definition for anything; a word, person's name, incident - anything that you have in mind! This is undeniably the perfect moment to actualize your dream of becoming the next Mr. Webster slash Prankster, an excellent moment to take revenge against someone who is giving you a hard time, and an ideal activity to have fun with your fam and buddies!

Amaze your pals, schoolmates and teachers with this wondrous item. Amuse your mom and dad, as well as your siblings with the exciting names of your relatives and annoying neighbors, with their corresponding definitions that will make them snicker and laugh way too hard!

Is someone bullying you at school or at work? Don't worry! Punish them the classy way by printing their names on the Fake Dictionary, and putting a hilariously offending picture or definition to describe them. Post it on social media, stick it on their locker, or send it to their home or email anonymously - so brutal, but oh well, they deserve it!

Bitter from your recent breakup? Well, move on the comical way by adding the name "jerk" or "asshole" next to your ex-boyfriend's photo.

Personalities vary and chances are you won't have a shortage of ideas from the interesting, irritating and interesting people in your life.

Fill it up with plenty of words that you can think of, and a wacky definition to complete your very own personalized Fake Dictionaries! Start working on it seamlessly by ordering at!!!


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