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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Fake Dictionary


Fake Dictionaries. Who would have thought that these stuff exist? Well, thanks to FakeNewspapers.Com, we are able to fancy and benefit from an item that maintains an old-school appeal, which can be customized in so many compelling ways!

So what exactly is a fake dictionary? Some of you might think that a fake dictionary contains words that are not accurate. Others may define a fake dictionary as an unreliable source. Well, these actually make sense. But the fake dictionaries offered by FakeNewspapers.Com are way more exciting, way more entertaining and definitely way more innovative! That's because having a fake dictionary from FakeNewspapers.Com means enjoying plenty of customizing options to achieve the 'Personalized Dictionary' that you have in mind.

Fake Dictionary

Enjoy your freedom to add your own words and create your own definition. You can even add photos to correspond to the words you have chosen. Search for the word 'crazy' then your will be directed to your silly pal. Look for the word ‘sexy’ and you can have your photo posted beside it. Seek for the word 'asshole' and find the name of your ex after it. See? There are so many ways to add your personal touch and include so much style and so much fun for your very own fake dictionary!

Aside from having this fake dictionary as a funny item, you can also have it as the best gift ever! Commemorate the life of the birthday or event celebrant, add significant names, words, photos and milestones on this Fake Dictionary and be prepared to see the heartwarming tears of joy from the recipient. This is absolutely an unbelievable gift that cannot be found anywhere else. It is tasteful, professional looking, and the touching content makes this memento truly cherish-worthy!

The cover graphics may vary, but feel free to let FakeNewspapers.Com know of your preferred theme. The size resembles a regular paperback, and this fake dictionary contains about 450 pages. Imagine how many amusing terms and definitions this wondrous item will encompass!

Be brilliant, be creative; be the best prankster or the best gift-giver ever—with the help of the Fake Dictionaries from FakeNewspapers.Com!

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