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Wanted Poster


Guys have been having fun with these personalized posters from FakeNewspapers, and ladies will equally take delight in pure entertainment with these unbelievably fantastic and one-of-a-kind items that are cool enough for every occasion and any purpose! 

Wanted Poster

Joking around and laughing can be good for one's health. Pulling off a prank once-in-awhile spices things up so now is the perfect time to loosen up! Sometimes, we're all getting used to our routines and daily stresses in our lives and before we know it, it's already making us all burnt out and demotivated. Remember that life's joys are found in simple things and the ability to transform your mood and that of the others are in your hands. Be creative enough in making yourself happy and be generous too in spreading cheer.

You don't need to create an elaborate setup for your prank. All you need are the following items in putting your gagging idea into reality!

1. Fake "Wanted" Poster, Old West Style

Have your brother’s face on this poster, and see his reaction while finding this on your garage or doorstep!

2. Fake "Wanted" Poster, FBI Style

Now you can see your colleague’s photo up on an FBI poster, anytime!

These marvelously cool stuff could also serve as an amazing gift and something that would make your party or gathering even more exciting and fun!

1. Giant Crossword Puzzle Make Your Own Custom Crossword

2. Giant Personalized Dry Erase To Do Lists and Calendars

3. Personalized Shooting Targets

Shooting Target

Expressing some rascality can also be classy with these personalized posters. Allow FakeNewspapers to help you and your friends be jolly! :D 


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