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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Halloween Pumpkin


Halloween Pumpkin

Image Source: Petr Kratochvil via PublicDomainPictures.Net under Public Domain.

There are endless ways on how to enjoy Halloween this year. There's a plethora of Halloween ideas that will surely match everyone's taste and preferences. Personalities differ so some tried-and-tested pranks may work for some, but may not for others. Another factor to consider is the level of creativity. The artistic flair of each person is expressed in so many, diverse ways. Budget is also an issue. Some are ready to shell out a huge chunk of money for a Halloween prank or activity, while others want to save as much by having DIY Halloween projects and purchasing high-quality, yet affordable Halloween items. Time is also an issue. Not every one of us has the extra time in preparing for an elaborate prank or big activity this Halloween.

Thankfully, people who are leaning towards an easy Halloween prank and a laid back Halloween activity can count on FakeNewspapers.Com. The items from FakeNewspapers.Com promise everyone a pleasant, fun time during Halloween, sans the hassle, exhaustion and the huge costs. Of course the funny gags, silly jokes and a well-planned detailed setups are very much appreciated, but after your escapade has been showcased and pulled off, what's next? It is always a good idea to come up with a Halloween activity that allows your guests to enjoy, engage and simply have a good time during All Hallows Eve.

FakeNewspapers has an enormous collection of attention-grabbing items which are perfect for any gag or activity, and these three will guarantee you of an exciting, motivating and truly memorable Halloween this year!

1. Personalized Halloween Dictionary

Not only this serves as the perfect gift or the ideal gag item, but you can also order a dictionary that centers on scary and spooky stuff this Halloween. You can also provide the names of your family and friends, and then also submit a funny or daunting adjective that best describes them. Have fun browsing through your Personalized Halloween Dictionary that will make them wish that it never existed. But you'll order one anyway! Just the perfect 

stuff for an easy Halloween prank!

2. Personalized Halloween Newspapers

If you have a terrifying story in mind, have it written as an article that's printed on real "newspaper" paper and under the name of your local publication. You can even put it under the biggest newspaper labels in the US to make it look extra genuine! Provide your horrific content and allow to transform it into the most realistic personalized newspaper with the news that's ready to electrify and horrify everyone this Halloween!

3. Halloween Giant Crossword Puzzle

Fancying an enjoyable bonding activity that's educational, amusing, safe and easy all at the same time? This item is great for kids and adults alike! Solving the Halloween-themed Giant Crossword Puzzle is an ideal activity that entertains and enriches so you can be assured of a never-boring Halloween gathering!

C’mon! Grab these affordable Halloween items now!


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