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4th Indepence Day


4th Indepence Day

Image Source: xtremelife via FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Go on a 4th of July surprisin'! This Independence Day, express your delight towards your family and friends with a one-of-a-kind surprise that will upgrade your July 4th holiday from now on with these 4th of July treats! Sure the old school, activities usually held on Independence Day have always been fun, but it won't hurt if you upgrade the way you observe this momentous time each year. Your family will surely won't ever say no if you add some extra edge and unexpected entertainment into it, thus making it even more special!

Hold your family reunions in a traditional way, but incorporating non-conventional activities and treats to level up the observance of your Independence Day will surely make your family gathering a total a knockout!

Get lost with these wonderful and totally pleasurable 4th of July surprises that are sure to increase the positivity within your family and within you!

1. Giant Crossword Puzzle

Get to choose between a plain puzzle or a creative puzzle! Either way, you and your family will have an awesome time solving a humongous crossword puzzle - it will be their first time to try this extremely engaging activating!

2. Fourth of July Prank

Choose from these Pre-Written Funny Fake Newspaper Articles, provide the name of your subject, and stun them with an outrageous news article about them, printed on a legitimate looking newspaper!

3. Fourth of July Gift

Give your loved one a Giant Personalized Dry Erase To Do Lists and Calendars or a Giant Check containing the amount of your cash gift as an Independence Day present and your recipient will definitely be impressed!

4. Personalized Book

Chronicle your family's milestones in a personalized book!

5. Fourth of July Banner

Have your 4th of July message or any wording printed on a giant banner made with excellent material. This is great for family reunions and some other events that require lovely backdrop for your photo ops, etc.!

Whether it is a prank, a gift, a surprise, an add-on present, a decoration, or just something that will deepen the fun and love among your family and friends, the high-quality, creative and totally amusing items for your 4th of July treats from FakeNewspapers are set to provide a fabulously unique moment this 4thof July! 


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