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Fake Dictionary


Fake Dictionary

Fridays and Saturdays are the days that almost all of us look forward to. Get-togethers and parties strengthen the bond between us and our loved ones, friends or colleagues and they do create lasting memories which we will cherish (or regret!) later on! If you happen to be hosting an event, it is not really a requirement, but it's definitely a good idea if you are able to find ways on how to make your gathering, no matter how small or big it is, truly fun and unforgettable. Of course, watching TV, drinking sprees and the electrifying meals are already a staple, but holding activities that will avoid your guests from getting all bored and sleepy will totally provide them a truly refreshing experience! And this fake dictionary will surely help!

Need something to stop them from going home just yet? Let those funny adjectives represent a specific person in your life! Brat, as*hole, b*tch, jerk, crazy, slacker, womanizer, cheater - name it. For group of friends, this is the perfect game to hold on a Friday night! Have fun playing Scribble and see how you and your buddies are on the same wavelength. Pick an adjective or a word and see if y'all would be able to guess a certain person that exudes the said description 100%! As a prank, try coining your very own word or make up one, and prove to others that it does exist! Pissed with someone who's an English-major or a certified wordsmith? Make him burn with shame by showing him how massively rich your vocabulary is! Tell him a word or two and make him do his very own intensive research, LOL! Then show him this legitimate and professionally-crafted dictionary that contains the words that he's unfamiliar with! Indeed, there are so many ways as to where, when and how to have this fake dictionary add some sparkle to a dull day!

Fake Dictionary

Come on, get your very own personalized fake dictionary and treat your guests to a tremendously enjoyable experience that's surely difficult to forget, with this phenomenal Fake Dictionaries from! 


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