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Crocodile monument


Crocodile monument

We are all fascinated by crocodiles. We all love to watch them in National Geographic, Animal Planet and the like. Seeing these scary creatures without the risk is quite satisfying. Even witnessing these crocs at the nearby zoo fascinates us. We appreciate their power and might, and we also enjoy the thought that we are safe and secure as we simply take pleasure in watching them do their thing.

But think about what your reaction will be like, upon learning that these crocodiles can freely wander in your neighborhood and even visit the confines of your home? Scary, daunting and alarming, right? Of course, we do not want this to happen. But we can actually make it happen through a prank! That's right! Treat your family and friends into a wicked and funny prank that involves crocodiles, eliciting a feeling of shock and terror, without a real crocodile and without an actual occurrence of this unfortunate event!

The Fake Joke Newspaper Article 'CROCODILE FOUND IN SEATTLE SEWER' will render your fake news victims shocked and speechless! See how they become upset, scared and terrified upon reading the news that a crocodile may visit their residence anytime! The convincing power and efficacy of this prank is very high. Why? It's simple. Because the horrifying news is printed on a real newspaper — with the wording and content that looks genuine and professionally crafted ­— your fake news prank victim will have no choice but to believe the news right then and there; and you won't have any choice but to chuckle and cackle after, as you reveal the truth that everything was just a joke!

The Personalized Pre-Written Funny Fake Newspaper can be personalized and customized to whatever information you want to be incorporated, to suit your fake news prank plan and to make the whole story look more genuine. Provide relevant pictures, the names of the people whom you know or who will get involved, and any other details to make this news even more exciting and real!

Then it's up to your creativity on how you will decorate this fake news prank! Perhaps, stun them real good by having a crocodile mascot jump from their behind, or throw a huge croc stuffed toy then capture everything on video! So scary yet so fun!

Image Source: Mr_Incognito_ / 105 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.


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