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Fake Newspaper


Outrageous as it may seem, but this funny fake newspaper article from FakeNewspapers is guaranteed to amuse yourself and entertain your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, your prank victim - everyone! is the most trusted name when it comes to funny, unique and interesting fake newspaper article and this will surely level up whatever event you'll incorporate this into - be it a prank, birthday, holiday or just cheering up your guests or buddies by handing them this one-of-a-kind and incredibly engaging fake newspaper article!

Fake Newspaper

Are you constantly being bullied by that cruel Jack? Then make him uber popular by becoming a Guinness Book of World title-holder - of having the World’s Largest Ball of Pubic Hair! Imagine how his crush or girlfriend would reactS, as they read on how he was able to gather all those pubic hair - in "public restrooms, cheap motels, bathrooms of friends, even brothels." Eww!!!

Need to roast a friend over a few bottles of Heiny on a lazy Tuesday afternoon (yep, sometimes the shittiest restdays were given to you at work!). This is an utterly good read! Let it all out while laughing for hours - you'd feel refreshed the next day for work, that's for sure!

Wanna pull off a gag towards your siblings? Tell them that you are so proud of your most recent accomplishment - then hand this funny fake newspaper article to them. Unpleasant reactions will start in 5,4,3,2,1.... Boom!

Check this funny fake newspaper article here: MAN FIGHTS GUINESS FOR RECORD LISTING


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