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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Fake Newspaper


Another outrageous news that will leave your family, friends or gag victims teary-eyed from too much laughing! :D

FakeNewspapers.Com has become a reputable and established provider of pre-written articles that are very realistic and so humorous - you'll be begging for more! As soon as you read their collection of well-written and highly engaging articles, you will never get enough of the amusement and hilarity brought about by the news articles that are very convincing and perfectly composed set to tickle your fancies, making you forget your woes in life!

If you are holding a party, flabbergast your guests or your chosen, 'lucky' prank victim and hand him this Pre-Written Article from FakeNewspapers that may likely brighten up his day or give him a hilariously surprising moment. It will be so amusing for him and so fun for everyone, upping your party's exciting factor! Who says you need an expensive or elaborate event if you have a totally entertaining program and a funny prank that will serve as the highlight of your celebration! Capture those smiles and laughter on vid!

Fake Newspaper

'Man to Register Talent With Guinness' Article

This 'talent' will surely make your gag victims distressed shocked and shake their heads in disbelief. They will find this news super strange, but will keep them hooked and perplexed the whole time!

You can order this article as is or let FakeNewspapers.Com know of any changes that you want done. Make the article even spicier and funnier with all the personalization that you have in mind!


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