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Fake Newspaper


Fake Newspaper

Imagine your friends' horror and shock if they've read a horrific or scandalous news published on a newspaper, about a friend as the victim, suspect or the subject on a shocking news that's meant to be spread locally and may even be showcased around the world!

Personalizing a news and customizing a newspaper is easy. Thanks to FakeNewspapers.Com, we can now enjoy professionally written news and publication content that is printed on a legitimate-looking newspaper. No need to stress yourself from researching, creating and customizing a newspaper template that ends up looking tacky and ugly. The personalized newspapers from FakeNewspapers.Com have been used on popular movies and TV programs, and have been held by some of the most world-famous celebs and A-listers!

The assortment of personalized newspapers offered by FakeNewspapers.Com is brilliant enough, and the wide array of Pre-Written Articles will absolutely blow your mind! Just browse and read through the absorbing, outrageous, flabbergasting and out-of-this world articles, and you will be taken to the next level: speechless, dumbfounded, intrigued and fascinated!

Why? The Pre-Written Funny Articles are written, composed and arranged looking all professional and genuine, just like the usual content that you read on a newspaper. The wordings, theme, subject and the write-up itself are very realistic. Although the write-up is oftentimes stupefying, it still exudes an air of reality and genuineness. Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction!

Want to pull off a prank at work? Pick the most impatient, most irate or the laziest colleague of yours and have his or her name on the 'WAREHOUSE EMPLOYEE AWARDED "NICEST EMPLOYEE’ news article!

Got a buddy who's a chronic womanizer? Witness how he reacts when he reads his name on the 'Fake/Joke Newspaper Article BROKEN BONER' news!

Fancying pulling off a birthday prank? The 'BUSH CALLS TO WISH LOCAL MAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY' news is perfect for you!

Planning to do a Christmas prank? The Fake/Joke Newspaper Article ‘SANTA CLAUS AND FOUR REINDEER SLAIN' will transform your yule this year!

Wanna prove something? Show your GREAT-ness and HUGE sense of humor with the ‘MAN SUES OVER WORLD RECORD’ article!

Prolong your amusement and entertainment by checking out the other Pre-Written Funny Newspaper Articles HERE.


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