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Fake Newspaper


Zombies, skeletons, spider webs and Dracula. Hmm... Yes, they are sometimes scary, but admit it, they can only cause fear and terror amongst the kids or perhaps, if you're really having some sort of a phobia for them. But as adults, we don't find these stuffs chilling enough no more. These elements have just become a regular theme on every Halloween. Draped with cobwebs and wearing those awfully hideous and frightening masks, watching our most favourite Halloween movies and scary films, going on a Trick and Treat, yeah, Halloween is sooo fun - yet again, not really hair-raising enough! But what about a funny fake Halloween article? Well, let’s see!

What if you could cause a certain level of fear among your friends or neighbors? A particular type of fright that's realistic enough. A rumor that can bring so much dread. A news that's so convincing enough, it can actually happen (knocking on wood!) in real life...

Ever heard of the "Organ Harvesters"? Yes, they exist! Well, thankfully, they only live on your next prank or funny fake Halloween article joke. This article is so grippingly written that it will surely make its reader shake with horror. They will be shocked with the news, will have a hard time absorbing it, will go into a panic mode, and after your revelation that everything's just a joke, they will surely have a arduous moment bursting with laughter afterwards!

Fake Newspaper

See how fascinating and bloodcurdling the article "ORGAN HARVESTERS" STRIKE AGAIN by clicking this link.


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