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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Spooky Fake Marriage Certificate

Spooky Fake Marriage Certificates

Nowadays, pranking has become a thing that can be done by everyone. Pulling off a prank has transformed into an activity that can be pulled off anytime, even if it's not April Fools Day or Halloween. As long as you have an idea on which prank to do, then you are halfway there!

But there seems to be a plentiful of prank ideas that choosing a gag has become extremely overwhelming. There's just too many gags that are ready to be actualized; yet, we have so little time and oftentimes have only limited resources to accomplish it.

The good news is that can allow you to choose a prank that is hilarious, effective and something that will satisfy what is important to you. Speaking of hilarious and effective, aside from our authentic-looking personalized newspapers, personalized news article, personalized gift wraps, personalized posters and so much more, our personalized fake marriage certificates can be something which you can use to fulfill your greatest pranking plan!

Our spooky Halloween-themed personalized marriage certificate is a fabulous add-on to our existing scary setup. If you tend to hold a scary wedding ceremony of the couple with the most terrifying costume then be sure to have the personalized fake marriage certificate to complete the overall look.

Our Halloween-inspired fake newspaper is also a great item to prank your significant other and friends. Isn't it exciting to see their reactions when you surprise them with a dreadful fake marriage certificate that has your name?

Pulling off a fake marriage certificate prank is also affordable. You don't need a huge and overly complicated setup. All that a marriage certificate prank requires is a legitimate looking-certificate and you're on your way to becoming a popular prankster who loves easy and seamless pranks!

Get plenty of prank ideas and plenty of personalized fake marriage certificate prank options HERE.


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