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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
All NEW products and an all NEW Website!
Fake Book


Finding totally amusing and absolutely entertaining stuff and personalized items? You won't hesitate getting a funny, shocking, comical, and everything-in-between stuff at FakeNewspapers.Com!

People these days are amazingly smart, resilient, flexible, and always open to changes and new ideas. But, when it comes to effective pranks, how come people stay gullible? That's where the fun and humor is! People tend to get super preoccupied living their busy lives that sometimes, a simple prank may turn out to be something real and believable for them. So, the shocking and hilarious factor of it is heightened. This holds especially true if you use an item that you normally encounter—an old school item that looks authentic and can produce marvelous reactions from the raw and totally pure entertainment!

Given that people look forward to a moment of hilarity and fun amid the demanding times, FakeNewspapers.Com offers a splendid item that can stir up lots of laughter and giggles!

For those searching for the perfect prank item, an excellent custom organizer, a charming personalized gift, a source of motivation, the Personalized Books from FakeNewspapers.Com will surely impress!

Prank your friends that your book has been published already—even if you're not even a writer all along! Goof around with a fake book prank and it's bound to be successful because our personalized books look legit! Want to improve your efficiency and hit your goals? You'll be inspired to do so by having a personalized organizer, just the way you want it! Exploring your options for a one-of-a-kind birthday gift or anniversary present? No worries, a personalized book is here! Put your loving messages or a beautiful story as the book's lovely content and be all set in making the celebrant or your gift recipient truly happy! Nothing beats an old school item as a gift as it always expresses that timeless, genuine, and heartfelt vibe!

Provide the title for your personalized book, add the author, the publisher, an image and any notes to provide to the book designer. The style of our blank-page books are highly customizable!

Our custom books are about 350 pages thick and they are softcovers, which makes them look more genuine just like the ones from publishing house trade paperbacks!

See the charm and experience the fun with our Personalized Books!

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