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Nausea smiley kotzender vomiting


Nausea smiley kotzender vomiting

Image Source: Conmongt / 94 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain license.

What will you do if you find yourself enjoying a delicious meal, then eventually realizing that it consisted of poodle ribs and dehydrated mice? How would you react if you are taking delight in a sumptuous, creamy soup then being asked if you are finding the "Cameltoe Soup” creamy and delectable?

Shocked, traumatized, sickened, or all of the above? What if you could actually put your friends in the same situation? We bet, it's gonna be easy with the use of the Fake Cans from Fake!

Pulling off an easy food prank is so much fun. Temporarily make your prank victims throw up in disgust and horror as you show them the Fake Cans while they are indulging in the meal that you have served to them. Be sure to prepare some tissue as they may puke in repulsion!

Achieve a memorable misbehavior with a Fake Cans prank or a Fake Food prank. This is an excellent gagging activity on a weekend, on a boring afternoon or on a family reunion that you have been avoiding ever since ! The perfect element to spice up and brighten your day!

Up your party with an uproarious theme! Prank your guests that the most sought after meals served in your celebration include the ingredients found on the Fake Cans that you have surprised them with. Your guests will surely hate you - and love you afterwards for giving them the chance to laugh out loud the way that they haven't done in so many years!

Get the Fake Cans from and give them the best fake recipe prank or fake food prank ever!


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