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All NEW products and an all NEW Website!

Giant Crossword Puzzle Make Your Own Custom Crossword


Giant Crossword Puzzle Party Giant Crossword Business Giant Crossword Lunch Room Giant Crossword Birthday Giant Crossword Christmas Giant Crossword Holiday Giant Crossword Anything you can think of! Choose either dry-erase or permanent print.Giant Crosswords for parties, events, advertising gimmicks... Post a Giant Crossword in your lunch area.Giant Crosswords make great wall posters forany waiting room where customers or patients are bored. Choose your own words and clues! Make your puzzle theme-based to bring attention toproduct lines, safety requirements, medical hygiene issues...

Above puzzle demonstrates how tightly the words tend to pack, and how large the squares tend to be using a clue list of approximately 20 words. Media size roughly 40 x 54.

Above puzzle demonstrates how tightly the words tend to pack, and how largethe squares tend to be using a clue list of approximately 50 words. Media size roughly 40 x 54.

Above puzzle demonstrates how tightly the words tend to pack, and how largethe squares tend to be using a clue list of approximately 140 words. Media size roughly 40 x 54. Puzzles are approximately 42 x 54 inches. During the payment process select media (dry-erase or poster paper). We suggest a minimum of 20 words, and a maximum of, say, 200. Note that the more words you use, the tighter the puzzle will be packed, with more intersecting words and smaller squares. Fewer words will result in fewer cross-connected words, and larger square sizes. See examples above. Plain-Jane or COOL? What does this mean? "Plain-Jane" puzzle, or a "Creative" puzzle. Plain-Jane: In the "Plain-Jane" version, the grids appear as shown above, with the background blocks being plain old black, and the letter blocks being plain old white. No "artistic" touches are applied to the image whatsoever. It's a traditional crossword. Creative: If you choose "Creative" for your puzzle type, then we get to have fun. No two "creative-style" puzzles are alike. They may look something like one of the samples shown below, or they may look nothing like any of the samples shown below. The "Plain-Jane" style is a KNOWN. You can see, above, exactly what you're getting. No surprises. No risk. The "Creative" style involves risk. You might not like what we create! Or you might love it, and consider it a treasured art piece. Well, maybe not. But you can only be sure of one thing if you choose to grant us "Creative" license: It will be DIFFERENT.  
 Above and below: Samples of "Creative-Style" puzzles -- no two are ever alike 
 Your completed puzzle will be in the format shown below (either a "Plain-Jane" or a "Creative" style). We print you the puzzle, a clue sheet and an answer sheet.  
 "Creative Style" Sample "Plain-Jane Style" Sample How do I make the clues and answers? Type them into the form at the top. Type the Clue first then a comma, then a space, and then the answer. Just like this: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, OBAMA CAPITAL OF CALIFORNIA, SACREMENTO The clue is first, then the comma, a space and then the answer. Please type each clue and answer on a separate line, just like the example in blue.You can put in as many as you like. The minimum to create a puzzle is about 15 and the maximum is about 250. NOTE: Poster paper puzzles may only be used once (unless you plan to complete them in pencil or some other erasable marker). Puzzles printed on dry-erase media may be completed over and over, pretty-much forever. We accept MasterCard and VISA, etc.."Giant Crossword Puzzles" generally leave our printer within 2-3 days.

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Customer Reviews

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EpiCH U of MN
Love the product!

Our office really likes these for our get togethers.

Thanks for your help getting things settled!


Awesome Dryerase Crossword!!!!!!

I wish I would have proof read my own work first! I sent them many typos! I am not a very smart person.

Awesome item!

This product ended up being everything I dreamed it would be. It was a lot larger than I thought it would be, but looked amazing! It will be a great hit at our party!