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Office Pool Poster

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Office Pools. What can’t you have a pool for?

Dry-Erase Office Pool Poster

24 x 14 inches — extremely hi-gloss dry erase media.
May be backlit or just pinned to a wall.

Item Number — FC-32

Personalize This Poster

Roast ’em in style….

Actual design may vary slightly

What the heck is this?
Most people know how an “office pool” works, but for those who don’t, it goes like this:

Let’s say your co-worker is P.G. (that’s ’50’s talk for pregnant). You have a “pool” to predict when she’ll deliver. Fill in the “data” slots with the days of the month (or the weeks of her term), and whoever wants to be part of the pool scribbles their name (in dry-erase felt pen) under the “names” heading. Each person picks a day when they think Ol’ Jenny’ll blow—oops, we mean, give birth. Generally, everyone chips a dollar (or a dime) into the fund, and who ever wins, gets the loot. If it’s a tie, they split it (or fight over it and sue each other, whatever).

You can scribble a crude graph onto a hunk of paper, but it’s, well, it’s crude.

This product is printed on dry-erase media, measuring 24 inches wide by 14 inches high. It’s extremely glossy stuff—probably more glossy than glass. Any old dry-erase pen will work on it, and any drug store has them in a variety of colors. We’ve found that most felt pens work as well, but be careful you don’t use one that doesn’t wipe off. The dry-erase pens wipe clean with any tissue.

You can personalize this pool sheet with a main heading (e.g. “The Bob Smith Pool”, and a sub-heading (e.g. “When Will Bob be Fired?”)

And you can send a photo of your victim—er, we mean, you FRIEND or WELL LIKED CO-WORKER. Or you can upload your company logo, a picture of your dog’s butt, a picture of your butt, it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t upload anything we’ll stick some sort of generic design there, like a flower or a bug. On the form you can tell us to place the red circle with a slash through it over the face of your victim—er, we mean WELL LIKED CO-WORKER. Or not.

You might title your pool sheet as we did in the example (“The Bob Smith Pool Sheet; When Will Bob be Fired”). Or, you might ask when Bob will get a raise, or when Bob might SHOW UP FOR WORK (great for the office slacker—they’ll usually sometimes get the message). You might hold a pool to try to predict when Bob will “get lucky” (in his work, ahem). Or when Judy will finally get P.G. Or what year cranky old Alex is going to retire. Or how many months it will be before Irene finally gets nailed and goes to prison for embezzlement. Or, for that matter, how many months before Irene gets nailed.

In grade school our classrooms had pools for the World Series (the winners got ice cream).

Who’s going to make the biggest ass / fool out of themselves at the Christmas party this year?

Who’s going to be the first one to get caught BOPPING BETTY. Of course you don’t have to come right out and label your sheet the “BOPPING BETTY POOL”. You can be tricky, and just call it “The Betty Pool”. It’ll drive her nuts trying to figure out what you’re betting on.

Think that jackass Mr. Beasen down in personnel might finally have a heart attack and DIE? Sponsor the “Mr. Beason Pool”. No one but YOU GUYS has to know what it’s for. You wouldn’t call it the “DEATH TO MR. BEASON POOL”. Just call it the “Mr. Beason Pool”. Secretive. Like that.

When, exactly, do you think the scurrilous little squirrels and mentats down in accounting will drive your company to bankruptcy? List off the years. Could be sooner than you think, and the winner will be happy to have the hundred bucks from winning the pool, when your company’s paychecks bounce (by the way, it’s customary for the sponsor of the pool to skim 15% off the top—don’t feel bad for doing this.)

When will Travis Jerkoff get sued for sexual harassment? Next month? Three months from now? No cheating—

 Post a pool for your Little League team, for a Scouting competition, for the Presidency of the United States.

How long before Dianna Dumps Dirty Derrick? Won’t be long. She’s a smart girl.

When will bin Laden be caught and castrated? Hussein? Peewee Herman? President Bush?

When will we see the second coming of Elvis?

What will the DOW be on December 23rd?

How many times this month will Fran be late for work?

If you have lots of little schemes and intrigues going on, don’t personalize the sheet at all. Leave the picture area and title areas blank, then scratch in your own pool titles on the fly. This stuff (dry-erase media) has a half-life of about a thousand years. It’s nearly indestructible.

Have fun.

What kind of dry-erase pen or marker should I use?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of dry-erase markers available in every drug store and office supply depot. Most fall into two categories:

(1) Slightly more durable, harder to erase
(2) Less durable, very easy to erase

The “Sanford” brand dry erase markers are designed in such a way as to not easily brush off if someone accidentally touches the board with a piece of clothing. Many dry-erase removal products are on the market — the Sanford brand pens and markers generally require the use of one of these products for complete removal. Isopropyl alcohol will also remove Sanford brand markers (be careful not to let alcohol or any other fluid come in contact with the back side of the media). Most commercial dry-erase removal products are alcohol-based. Remember, alcohol is FLAMMABLE (it’s used as fuel in dragsters). Keep away from flames and heat sources!

Marks-a-Lot dry-erase markers (by Avery) can be removed with any soft cloth — no remover required. We suggest using only this type of marker.

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Item Number — FC-32