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Fake Newspaper


Fake Newspaper

Make your Halloween this year not a typical one, but an extraordinary event that is funny and outrageous, yet worthy to be reminisced on!

Achieve a prank that's quick to do and easy to accomplish. The extensive selection of different Personalized Fake Newspapers from FakeNewspapers.Comcan be customized in any way that you want to. Create a superb and totally terrifying story printed on it, and use it for the best Halloween Prank ever!

Or effortlessly order a scary Pre-Written Fake Newspaper Article like the "ORGAN HARVESTERS STRIKE AGAIN", "LOCAL MAN FOUND SHACKLED TO TREE - 911 RESPONSE", "LOCAL WOMAN SOUGHT IN GRISLY HOMICIDE" and many more! Preparing for a detailed Halloween prank setup is not necessary. Best to just hand it to your prank victim (with the right timing!) and see their reaction as they read that the culprits are just within the confines of the neighborhood!

Shock your Halloween joke victim even more by letting her discover her name being involved in a gruesome news printed on a newspaper. Now that experience is even more horrendous and frightening than the common Halloween pranks and gags!

A Halloween Prank that expresses an air of humiliation done in a harmless way is also a fresh Halloween idea. The articles such as "OVER-EXPOSED AGAIN!", "SMALLEST MALE ORGAN IN THE WORLD (G RATED)" or "DOCTORS VOW TO STUDY BIZARRE CASE" can be personalized, and you can incorporate your prank victim's name on it. It will be printed on a real newspaper, then witness his shock and disbelief as he sees his name on a seemingly real newsprint!

Your Halloween prank and party will be incomplete without the funny and scary products from FakeNewspapers.Com!


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